"From the very beginning of the project I could tell that this was an artist I would enjoy. I personally love conscious/lyrical rap with a message. I like when music evokes emotion out of the listener. CASH’s entire project does this."

- Mitch Darell,

"CASH, born in New York and raised in Atlanta GA, has a sound reflective of many different hemispheres, including sparking a nostalgic factor of Kanye West early records. The production melodies & lyric placement seemed all transparent and easy as each song melted in right after each other. In 2019 the fans are not appreciating  the the art of creating albums oppose to singles but I believe it’s because artist like CASH have to make it a trend again. “Hear Me Paint” was conceptual magic as we dive into the abstract mind of CASH."


"Just like a breath of fresh air that’s the perfect way to explain how this entire album felt."

- Cthree,